Impacting Our Community

In a recent report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, it was noted that beauty products marketed to African American women often contain the most toxic substances used by the cosmetics industry, such as chemicals linked to breast and ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, and more. This toxic exposure is of particular concern because Black women purchase and use more beauty products per capita than any other demographic – spending more than $7.5 billion dollars on beauty products a year. 

This issue hits close to home as I and close family members have suffered from recurring uterine fibroids and dermoid cysts.  

This is why our mission is to use the goodness of the earth to help and heal the body. We do this by providing safe, non-toxic/plant-based beauty, personal care  and home products, promoting wellness to the community, and raising awareness of hazardous chemicals in beauty, personal and home care products. 

This year our goals, as it relates to education, are to: 

  • Provide educational materials to our target audience and others connected to us through social media, flyers and events.
  •  Review our materials and ingredients, quarterly, to ensure we providing the best and cleanest products available. 

    As a female and minority-owned business, we endeavor to give back to our community as much as possible. We make every effort to support other female and/or minority-owned businesses through the acquisition of supplies and ingredients.
    Other Businesses We Support (not an exhaustive list)

    Honeysuckle Grove Family Farms (Organically Grown Herbs)

    Honeysuckle Grove Farms is a family owned, female-led 10-acre farm located southeast of Nashville, TN in the beautiful rolling hills of Wilson County. They use regenerative farming practices to grow luscious blooms without harmful chemicals so that customers can enjoy the best nature has to offer without worrying about pesticides.

    Create By Diana (Woodworking and Custom Apparel)

    Create By Diana is a female and minority owned business that provides handmade,  customized products. 


    Currently Searching for:

    - Family, Minority or Female-Owned Olive or Sunflower Seed Oil Farmer