The Mother Earth Soap Collection Set

The Mother Earth Soap Collection Set

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Meet the Mothers...Our Plush Mother Earth Soap Collection

The Mothers Soap Collection is an 7-piece collection of our all natural and organic clay and mineral bar soaps. These soap bars are unscented or lightly scented with a perfect blend of essential oils for your skin and body.  They are plant-based and infused with organic oils.  This natural soap bar collection combines earth’s premier organic oils and herbs that will keep your skin young and vibrant. Each one nourishes, revitalizes, and restores the glow to your skin.

Soap sets will come boxed.

 Soaps Included in Set: 

    • Mother O (Honey + Oats)
    • Mother Green (French Green Clay)
    • Mother Rose (Rose Clay  + Activated Charcoal)
    • Mother Fuller (Fuller's Earth)
    • Mother Coal (Activated Charcoal)  *Not Pictured
    • Mother Tumi (Turmeric + Lemongrass)
    • Mother Roc (Moroccan Rhassoul) 

    Plush Positives:

    All Natural • Cruelty-Free • GMO-Free • Made in Nashville, TN


    Lather bar on skin. For best results leave on a few minutes before rinsing off. Use daily for maximum results.

    For longevity,  please keep soap products from sitting in pooling water.