Regimen Skincare Set (Mini)

Regimen Skincare Set (Mini)

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Our Regimen Skincare Set contains the basic elements needed to begin a daily skincare regimen.

 This set includes a mini of the following:

  • 1- Foaming Facewash (100 mL)
  • 1- Facial Toner (Options: Rosewater or ACV) - (75 mL)
  • 1- Hydrating Facial Oil (Options: Normal, Oily, or Dry Skin)

Plush Positives:

All Natural • Cruelty-Free • Not Tested on Animals • Vegan • Gluten-Free • GMO-Free • Made in Nashville, TN


1. Use the 2-3 pumps of the facewash to cleanse the face.

2. After using the facewash use a cotton ball to apply facial toner.

3. After the toner, apply 2-3 drops of the facial oil.